Wednesday, 18 May 2011

'Chromebook' For Enterprises by Google

The unveiling of “Chromebook” took Google one step further with enterprise notebook solutions. Chromebook is a notebook laptop that promotes Google’s cloud application and novel operating system.
Unveiled at San Francisco in the event of the annual Google I/O developers conference, Chromebook runs on Google chrome operating system and promotes the OS in not only the consumer market but in enterprise market as well. Google is currently targeting the enterprise business, quite evident from its enterprise solutions in terms of cloud based office apps for android and chrome browser.
Gabriel Consulting Group’s Analyst, Dan Olds states that "Google has invested in a long term business here by launching OS and devices and are not looking forth to make quick money. Chromebook provides people with a cost-effective notebook which is customized for the Google’s apps”. He describes the device as the “tweener” device which lies between the smartphone, netbook and a laptop.
Gartner’s Analyst, Ray Valdes states that “Google can harness the benefit with the continuous shifting of the users to the web. Chromebook is sought to be increasingly better netbook which is optimized for web, is lightweight and secure”. This device is not in competition with the traditional PC tablets and laptops; however there would always remain some overlapping segments in the three categories.
The first Chromebook would hit the consumer market on June 15 and would be available for instant purchase on Best Buy and This device is offered as Samsung and Acer.
“The Chromebook would be sold to enterprises on the basis of subscriptions at the price starting from $28 per user. For schools and government organization, the price per user would start from $20 on subscription basis” as per the VP Crome for Google, Sundar Pichai.
Selling a new OS becomes little tough as software developers don’t look forward to write apps for new OS till there are many systems running on it. Same goes with customers as unless popular apps are available on OS, it won’t interest them as noted by Olds. In case of Google, it already has cloud-based apps which is an advantage for OS and the device.

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